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Have we met?

     In the off-chance that you haven't gained some general idea of who I am by the contents of my portfolio and the various results that appear when "Google-ing" my name...here is a little prologue for you.

     As you can see by the photo (left), I am a media enthusiast.  I recently graduated with a degree in Broadcast Television, yet, the homework has not ended.  Everyday I learn a new trick! For example, I had never attempted website building until this one.  One thing leads to another and I find myself capable of developing my own brand.  This explains why I'm passionate about the action in front of the camera, as well as, behind the camera.  As an actress, director, and (most recently) model and art photographer, my passions are many.

That is what you'll find here. My collections and projects derived from my love of art, people, and narrative.  Photography, film, and fun extras that I find myself working on are expressed on these pages.  



Nice to meet you.