Never Too Late

Two months after graduating college is probably not the best time to discover an interest in a brand new profession.  I have not even received my degree in the mail, yet,  I'm already wondering if I should start on another! 

Truthfully, it started before now.  The spark of interest lit while I was but a wee intern.  One day at the office, I found myself enjoying some downtime between projects.  My supervisor kept helpful reads around the office to inspire creatives out of writer's block and to fuel brainstorming binges.  I picked up a mag called HOW Design ( and did some harmless digging into the colorfully branded content.  When I'd only made halfway through the first article, I decided to take it home for some evening reading. Dun Dun Duhhhh...

Welp, here I am graduated with my eyes equally divided between my T4i and any graphic design literature I can find.  My love affair with storytelling and cinema is being matched by font collecting and web designing.  What is a Mass Comm student to do?  Is it wrong to place equal emphasis on effective branding AND the media  that markets the brand?

No hasty decisions here.  I love the profession I've chosen. But, it has been made apparent that my creative interest lies in more outlets than acting and filming, but also headlines and info-graphics.  I'll save my pursuit of a graphic design education for when I reach my midlife crisis (hey, it's better than selling my house for a boat).  

Meanwhile, awesome design sites I have found:

For the Love of the Game

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last week, St. Louis held its annual 48hr Film Project.  52 teams participated this year and approx. 42 teams finished on time. My team, SuperFriends Wanted, was primarily made of 1st timers and (with strategic planning) was one of the 42!  The experience was a great opportunity to show St. Louis what some of SIUE's finest had to offer! 

Two weeks after the 48hrs, judges reveal the best submissions and award nominees.  They're presented in the Best of Show at one of StL's historical theatres. 

Today, my team found out that we didn't make the Best of Show.  It was a little bit of a let down, but it's easy for me to look passed.  From the very 1st hour of the 48, we knew that SuperFriends Wanted's one and only goal was to finish on time. Since 5 of our 6 key players had never participated in an official 48hr before - we just wanted to submit a finished product to be seen by crowds and judges of the event. SUCCESS!!

Our lack of winning (being nominated for) an award our first year participating is not upsetting in the least. It's rewarding enough to try your hardest doing something that makes you (and others) happy. So, holding my head high, I remind myself that there will always be  48hr film projects....unless it gets outlawed or the apocalypse comes.

Hope this makes you crack a smile or two...