Never Too Late

Two months after graduating college is probably not the best time to discover an interest in a brand new profession.  I have not even received my degree in the mail, yet,  I'm already wondering if I should start on another! 

Truthfully, it started before now.  The spark of interest lit while I was but a wee intern.  One day at the office, I found myself enjoying some downtime between projects.  My supervisor kept helpful reads around the office to inspire creatives out of writer's block and to fuel brainstorming binges.  I picked up a mag called HOW Design ( and did some harmless digging into the colorfully branded content.  When I'd only made halfway through the first article, I decided to take it home for some evening reading. Dun Dun Duhhhh...

Welp, here I am graduated with my eyes equally divided between my T4i and any graphic design literature I can find.  My love affair with storytelling and cinema is being matched by font collecting and web designing.  What is a Mass Comm student to do?  Is it wrong to place equal emphasis on effective branding AND the media  that markets the brand?

No hasty decisions here.  I love the profession I've chosen. But, it has been made apparent that my creative interest lies in more outlets than acting and filming, but also headlines and info-graphics.  I'll save my pursuit of a graphic design education for when I reach my midlife crisis (hey, it's better than selling my house for a boat).  

Meanwhile, awesome design sites I have found: